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Camellia × williamsii originate from the cross of C. saluenensis x C. japonica bred in 1923 at Caerhays Castle by J C Williams in the early 1923. With their smaller tougher leaves, they are remarkably hardy even in the most extreme British weather.

Williamsii hybrids produce an abundance of flowers is from Camellia saluenensis, even in areas of low light and despite harsh conditions, and are more successful than it parent Camellia japonica in the Northern areas of the UK.

They are also popular as their flowers tend to drop neatly as soon as they are over unlike some other Camellias which need dead-heading.

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    Camellia 'Freestyle'

    Bushy, compact, evergreen shrub, valued for luxuriant rich green foliage and semi-double, pale pink shaded darker pink flowers, with a boss of golden stamens. Prefers sheltered site, sunny or shade, and any well drained neutral/acid soil., April
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  • Camellia 'Golden Spangles'

    Camellia 'Golden Spangles'

    Vigorous, open/upright, evergreen shrub, valued for its variegated foliage and small, single, phlox pink flowers. Each rich green leaf has a gold splash in the centre. Prefers sheltered position and lime free soil. Sport of 'Mary Christian'., Spring
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