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Produced by Vuyk van Nes Nursery of Boskoop, Holland
  • Azalea 'Beethoven'

    Azalea 'Beethoven'

    Evergreen, dense small leaf shrub; lax trusses of funnel shaped, fringe-petalled, magenta-pink flowers 5cm long each with a deeper mauve mark inside . Best in an open situation. Leaves turn reddish colour in autumn, May
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  • No image for Azalea 'Florida'

    Azalea 'Florida'

    Deep red hose in hose flowers with some petaloid stamens. cult. 1962,
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  • No image for Azalea 'J.S.Bach'

    Azalea 'J.S.Bach'

    Large flowers, vivid magenta., Late April
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  • Azalea 'Johanna'

    Azalea 'Johanna'

    Bright carmine red on excellent foliage which is dark and shiny, the plant looks good all the year. AM 1988 Foliage turns reddish in winter, May
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  • Azalea 'Palestrina'

    Azalea 'Palestrina'

    Compact, hardy evergreen hybrid; dense, upright habit,. Best in an open situation.Trusses of 2 or 3 pure white flowers with faint green markings in the throat. Probably the best white., May
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  • No image for Azalea 'Princess Juliana'

    Azalea 'Princess Juliana'

    syn Prinses Juliana. Bright tomato orange-red: Low, May
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  • Azalea 'Queen Wilhelmina'

    Azalea 'Queen Wilhelmina'

    A dwarf shrub with light orange yellow to strong orange-yellow flowers, with a marked orange blotch., May
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  • Azalea 'Vuyk's Scarlet'

    Azalea 'Vuyk's Scarlet'

    Dwarf prostrate, dense shrub, Bears abundant large, cherry red, single flowers. Tolerates full sun, especially useful in frost prone areas, Best in an open situation., May
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