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  • No image for Rhododendron calophytum seedlings

    Rhododendron calophytum seedlings

    Strong-growing seedlings of uncertain parentage (!) Large leaves and striking heads of pink and white flowers, often with a dark red blotch in the throat,, April-May
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  • Rhododendron ciliatum White form

    Rhododendron ciliatum White form

    Compact shrub if grown in full light.. Attractive light brown peeling bark. Dark green leaves,hairy above and fringed with longer stiff hairs. white flowers. Confused with R Snow Lady., March-May
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  • Rhododendron johnstoneanum

    Rhododendron johnstoneanum

    Spreading habit, bristly twigs, attractive reddish brown peeling bark. Dark green hairy leaves. Creamy yellow flowers. Needs shelter from cold winds., May
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  • Rhododendron neriiflorum ssp neriiflorum

    Rhododendron neriiflorum ssp neriiflorum

    Popular plant, compact in full light. Neat dark green leaves, reddish brown below. Fleshy bell-shaped crimson flowers. needs good drainage Highly recommended., April-May
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  • No image for Rhododendron scabrifolium var spiciferum

    Rhododendron scabrifolium var spiciferum

    Upright habit. Narrow light green leaves, hairy. Small pink flowers in tufts at the end of the stems. A unique species, unlike any other hardy rhododendron., February-March
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  • Rhododendron trichanthum Honeywood

    Rhododendron trichanthum Honeywood

    Flowers in clusters of 3, widely funnel-shaped, 5-lobed,spectrum violet, outside light cyclamen purple. Upright shrub to 2m., with small, hairy foliage., June-July
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  • No image for Rhododendron yakushimanum ssp makinoi

    Rhododendron yakushimanum ssp makinoi

    Neat rounded habit. Dark green narrow leaves with a recurved habit, curving downwards at the tips. Thick tawny indumentum below. New growth in autumn, covered with a fluffy white indumenyum. Soft pink flowers,June.Unsuited to frost pockets., June
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