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  • No image for Rhododendron decorum ssp diaprepes var.gargantua (seedling)

    Rhododendron decorum ssp diaprepes var.gargantua (seedling)

    Vigorous tree like species. Light green shiny leaves, often 30 cm long with a blue green reverse. White heavily scented flowers often 10 cm across in huge loose trusses. Needs space. June-July., June-July
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  • Rhododendron imberbe (form of barbatum)

    Rhododendron imberbe (form of barbatum)

    Flowers campanulate, scarlet or scarlet-crimson, sometimes with darker spots within and with blotched nectar pouches. This form of Rh barbatum lacks the characteristic bristles on the leaf stalk. Name now invalid., March-April
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  • No image for Rhododendron japonicum var pentamerum Ho Emma

    Rhododendron japonicum var pentamerum Ho Emma

    White flushed light purple. Hardy rounded open habit. Gloosy dark green leaves, grey indumentum below..Good variety for cold gardens., April-May
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  • Rhododendron johnstoneanum

    Rhododendron johnstoneanum

    Spreading habit, bristly twigs, attractive reddish brown peeling bark. Dark green hairy leaves. Creamy yellow flowers. Needs shelter from cold winds., May
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  • Rhododendron ponticum Variegatum

    Rhododendron ponticum Variegatum

    Distinguished by its variegated foliage, leaves are long and narrow with silvery margins and irregular leaf tips. Flowers are orchid pink, May-June
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  • No image for Rhododendron scabrifolium var spiciferum

    Rhododendron scabrifolium var spiciferum

    Upright habit. Narrow light green leaves, hairy. Small pink flowers in tufts at the end of the stems. A unique species, unlike any other hardy rhododendron., February-March
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  • Rhododendron scopulorum

    Rhododendron scopulorum

    Upright species, may grow beyond 2m in a mild garden. Prefers a north wall. Mid green narrow leaves, scented white flowers with a gold throat.. Makes a good cold greenhouse plant., April-May
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  • No image for Rhododendron yakushimanum Wisley FH134

    Rhododendron yakushimanum Wisley FH134

    Evergreen, dome shaped rhododendron of neat, compact habit. Fully hardy. Broadly oval leaves are silvery at first, maturing to deepest green, and are brown felted beneath. In late spring has funnel shaped pink flowers that fade to near white., May
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